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The Future Of Our Salmon & Steelhead?


We often take for granted what we have around us until it is gone, be it a relationship with someone, good health, financial security, etc.  Unfortunately, many people seem to do the same thing regarding “Mother Nature”.  Now, this Blog entry is not going to be one ladened with “Climate Change” content, nor a tone of condescension towards our ways.  I am wanting to utilize this time with you as a way of getting you to stop and think about how Humankind can work at helping Nature regain some balance.  In particular, I am referring to our Salmon & Steelhead Stock.  The numbers keep dropping drastically each year and at this rate of deterioration of our Salmon numbers, it won’t be many years before we literally will not have any left.  Once gone, they’re gone for good…literally like the Dodo bird.  For me it means much more than no more fishing, no more smoked Salmon, etc.  It means that the entire Ecosystem will suffer and that is absolutely an unbearable thought for me.  Once that domino tips over and hits the next and the next, it becomes too rapid for Human intervention to prevent extinctions.  Check out this drone video I recently filmed and you will see some truly shocking statistics and I am certain many people are unaware right up til this moment, how drastic the situation is with our Fisheries.  The Fraser River is an amazing freeway system for all sorts of salt water, fresh water fish and wildlife.  We need to preserve it to ensure there is healthy habitats for our wildlife.  We then have to focus on what is needed to increase our Salmon and Steelhead stocks before it is too late.  Please watch this video and realize how dire things are becoming.  Reach out to your Member of Parliament and Provincial MLA and tell them we need to commence the rescue of our Fisheries immediately and we cannot afford to waste another 4 year cycle.  Remember, you don’t know what you’ve got, til it’s gone!

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